VnRoyal JSC is a bridge of love between Mr. & Mrs. Sim Dunn and orphans, disabled children

1/15/2021 12:40:00 CH
Last 9/1, the management of VnRoyal JSC held an online meeting with a desire to be a bridge of love between Mr. and Mrs. Sim Dunn in the United States and the children at Que Huong Charity Center.

The children are watching the meeting online on TV screen.

Participants in the online meeting include:

- Ms. Huynh Tieu Huong - Director of Que Huong Charity Center and the children and the management of the Center 
- Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Lan - Director of VnRoyal Company and staff 
- Mr. and Mrs. Sim Dunn in the United States 
- Mr. Siva Koti Reddy Kumitha – Managing Director of Talent Pace (India) 
- Ms. Nasiba Babadjanova - English Teacher at VnRoyal Institute 
- Ms. Do My Nhan - Reporter of Vietnam Logistics Review 

With the spirit of kindness through an online meeting to express the love of everyone, every organization and individual around the world towards the best for society is to help, give love to the unfortunate, orphans, the disabled,... On this occasion, Mr. and Mrs. Sim Dunn in the United States welcomed the orphans and disabled children at Que Huong Charity Center as their descendants. To show their kindness to the children, Mr. and Mrs. Sim Dunn asked representatives of VnRoyal JSC to give chocolate to the children and in the coming time they will call on friends and organizations in the United States to donate to help the children have better learning, accommodation and living conditions.

Mr and Mrs Sim Dunn are communicating online with a laptop.

Mr Sim Dunn said: " I would like to thank each and everyone of you for accepting my wife and myself into your hearts and into your circle of friends. My wife and I always consider it a great honor to be accepted by young people as being their friends. We also have had the great pleasure of meeting "Mother Huong", and quickly learned why you love her as much as you do. We love her too, and have committed to help her raise funds in the United States to not only for the support of the Que Huong center, but also education in American universities. Both my wife and myself are retired and committed to working full time to make this dream become a reality. Being Christians, we expect God will help us in this act of love for children. And maybe someday in the future we will be able to visit Viet Nam and meet each and everyone of you in person. Or better yet, have you visit us in America, maybe even come and live near to us, now that is a vision worth working to make it become true. Know this one thing, our love for you has no limits, watching videos of all the children at Que Huong Center, our heart filled with love and whatever we can do to help you have a happy and successful life, we will do, God has blessed us, and we would like to pass some of that blessing on to you. We don't know what we can accomplish until we try, but with God's help we know our efforts will result in something better than today, and because we love you, we are going to try to make tomorrow better than today. Thank You!”

On behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Sim, representatives of VnRoyal JSC give chocolate to the children.

The online meeting aims to bring the message of sharing love to orphans and disabled children at Que Huong Charity Center.

Through the online meeting to share love with orphans and the disabled at Que Huong Charity Center, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Lan, Chairman of VnRoyal JSC said: "In the near future, VnRoyal Institure will operate English teaching facilities in Binh Duong (this is the second facility, the first facility is in Hai Phong), so the children will learn English and get acquainted with the brothers and sisters here. With the motto “Learn to play, play to learn”, it’s easy for the children to access and practice English better. On behalf of VnRoyal, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Sim Dunn and Mrs. Barbara (Mr. Sim's wife) for their kindness and love without borders. 

The online meeting ended in a warm atmosphere with love. Those present at the meeting, especially Mr. and Mrs. Sim Dunn, wished and tried to arrange in the future a trip to Vietnam to meet in person the orphans, disabled at Que Huong Charity Center.


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